Buy high-quality seat covers for classic cars

Classic cars are collector's items. Vehicles whose shapes you can feel just by looking at them. There is still no trace of the uniformity of many modern cars in true classics. For us classic car fans, these automobiles are a way of life. The memory of a time when design still meant something and we talked less about fuel consumption and more about lifestyle. At the same time, classic cars are much more than just a memory. They are living contemporary history and driving culture.

The PKClassic team loves and lives this sometimes somewhat boyish enthusiasm for individuality, originality and aesthetics. We drive and maintain our classics. The inner values ​​also count for us: We have therefore specialized in the original, sustainable production of seat cushions in order to ensure the right driving experience. Whether Mercedes Benz or Porsche : PKClassic is about vehicle art. And it's about you. All of our products made from high-quality coconut hair meet the highest quality standards. We stand for that.